Travel In Asia – Bliss Not Only To Travelers But Also To The Travel Industry

The increase in number of travelers to the Asia pacific countries has increased the business opportunities for not only the travel agencies but also to the aviation industry. The demand for more number of flights especially during the vacation time is more and people expect to have better flights with more comforts and facilities.
This increase in demand is seen as a good sign of growth by the industry and every aircraft is in the process of bringing in more numbers under them by diversifying their route maps. A survey report came out with conclusions that most of the tourists opt to take the air route even if the trip is a domestic one.
Apart from the fact that flights serve a great help in international travels, the domestic travel needs also have a great impact on the industry. They also play a major role in income generation for the industry.
Tourism and world economy

Tourism has a connection with the GDP rate of the economy. It is the major contributor to the World economy and has contributed close to $2.2 trillion to the economy and has also generated job opportunities to 108 million people.
This industry is very huge and vast and the job opportunities are increasing day by day with the increase in number of passengers and number of flights. There are many fresher`s who look up at aviation industry as their career.
This industry offers the best, both in terms of pay and services, to those who wish to join this sector. It is expected that, this industry, by the end of 2024 would increase its contribution to $11 trillion to the economy simultaneously increasing the job opportunities by 370 million.
This is good and happy news to those who are currently pursuing aviation courses and they can be sure of a job with a good pay when they pass out. This increase has led to the increase in the number of institutes and colleges offering aviation courses. This shows how one sector in the economy is interconnected to the other making every sector flourish and help the economy in turn with more income and an increased GDP level.
Role of aviation in travel and tourism

An economy`s strength and weaknesses are defined by the various sectors and industries functioning in it. One contributing sector might result in a loss sometimes which would be compensated by another industry.
One such all-time supporting industry that has hardly seen bad times is the aviation industry which has been a constant contributor in the economic growth. It is an undeniable fact that 50% of the travelers, both domestic and international, opt to take the air route for their transit. This not only reduces time but also makes the journey comfortable and stress free. Learn about vietnam destinations at .
The highest benefactors of the aviation industry are those in the business sector whose travel plans are unpredictable yet extensive. In emergency situations, it has always been the fights that come to serve the passengers taking them to the places of destination in no time. The costs might be higher but the purpose gets solved with no waste of time and efforts.
Tourism, as explained before, is one important factor in the economic development of a country.

  • The flourishing World Tour And Tourism sector has not only increased the employment opportunities in the aviation industry but also in other aviation related industries like hotels, restaurants, cab services and travel agencies. Increase in demand for more flights with better facilities has in turn led to the increase in job opportunities in the R&D field; the number of aircraft engineers has also gone high. This is a direct impact on the industry.
  • Similarly, with the increase in the above, the industries and companies involved in the aircraft necessities and supplies have also increased, indirectly increasing the employment opportunities.
  • These direct and indirect opportunities have also resulted in the increase in the induced employment opportunities wherein the people involved in the business of basic goods and services have increased.

When you make an in-depth analysis of a person`s travel, especially oversees, you will be able to understand this wider impact.
Asia Travel
The number of tourists to Asia has increased and gone high which in turn has led to the increase in the number of flights landing in the Asian grounds. This is because of the rich culture and tradition and Asia has lots to offer to those who plan their vacations and trips to the various Asian countries.
This increase has also resulted in many airports and aerodromes making even the remote places easily reachable. This in turn has shown a great development in the economic sector. Increase in travelers to Asia has thrown light on some important aspects like:

  • There is a huge and increasing response from the young and fresh workforce that is willing to contribute to the growing demand.
  • The challenges are more in this sector and the need for innovative and creative ideas is high. Technology has developed leaps and bounds and acts as a great contributor in satisfying the expectations of the passengers with developed and high-end features.
  • This development in the aviation sector has also led to the development in the other sectors of the society involving all people without discriminations like men, women and the youngsters.
  • There is a greater impact on the society and environment and many sectors of the society have been raised to a higher and better level with the development of this sector.

All these might look very beneficial, but there are some hindrances in the development of the tourism sector which can be controlled by the government. The visa and permit processes are very stringent and in many cases passengers get rejected for some unimportant reason. If these rules and laws are relaxed to an extent, the number of people willing to take the air route will increase, in turn owing to a sure great future for the tourism industry thereby a flourishing future for the aviation industry.